CORAL I. (B, M, N)


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CORAL I is an intense orange color that is beautiful on its own, but when we mix it with other colors, they get enriched with a brighter, warmer shade. In addition, it is excellent for neutralizing darkly pigmented, colder, purple-toned lip color, extremely strong lip neutralizer.

I chose the colors of Essenshade extremely carefully based on what my feelings and experiences suggested. My choice was guided by my guests’ and my pmu artist colleagues’ assumed need for the shades. It was important to me that the colors should be ones that we always like to use during makeup pigmentation – I designed them for frequent use, as evergreen colors. I give it to you from the bottom of my heart and with great love.

IMPORTANT! Before usage it is important to shake for 30 seconds!

All Essenshade lip pigments are a hybrid blend of organic and inorganic pigments.
Our Essenhade pigments are packaged in a practical, airtight bottle, which allows you to use the whole product without wasting a drop.
All Essenshade products:
Are made in Europe, from high-quality ingredients.
Are vegan and not tested on animals.
Meet the highest European and American regulations and standards.