Alopecia Practical Course


This is a 55 minutes practical learning program demonstrating how to design the perfect hyperrealistic eyebrow on bare skin, to guests with ALOPECIA.

This machine hairstroke technique offers super natural and realistic effect with 3D end result on skin with no eyebrow hair. Learn how to think in 3D and use the facial structure to your benefits!



Course Overview

In this practical course you will learn how to make to most realistic 3D eyebrow in bare skin, to guests with no eyebrow hair. By participating in this course you can gain extensive knowledge on designing and creating hyperrealistic hairstroke eyebrows in ALOPECIA skin and how to master the renowned 3D effect.

Observe how to professionally execute the ALOPECIA™️” hairstroke machine technique in real life, on a live model through this step-by-step practical demonstration. Learn how to implement the theoretical knowledge you gained to achieve an elegant, hyperrealistic and long lasting healed result.

Learn how to use the ALOPECIA™️” hairstroke machine technique just like a PMU master!

The video presents the ALOPECIA hairstroke technique in high resolution, in perfect, high quality, with super close, sharp records for the perfect experience.