Powderful Eyebrow Technique – Theoretical Course

This theoretical course on the Powderful Eyebrow method will boost your skills in 48 minutes with all the fundamentals, garnished with royalty-level cutting-edge material to help you consciously pick and choose from your options for the best healed results. If you want to know ALL there is to know about the softest powder outcomes, this course is for you.

Powderful Eyebrow Technique – Practical Course with LIVE MODEL

60 minutes of strongly concentrated practical material paving the road for you to become fluent in Powderful. This live model demonstration will elevate you to excellent proficiency in the practical use of the Powderful Eyebrow technique, built on the theoretical course and expanded from there with real life instances.



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Master the Angel Brow™ technique to elevate your skills and amaze your patients!

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