Powderful Eyebrow Theory


Fundamentals and technique-specific methods presented by Dora Hollos, followed by 3 latex demonstrations for different real life utilizations. Become a master by learning everything Powderful from general to unique in color theory, equipment choices, guest characteristics and more. 5 shading variations packed in one course.



Course Overview

This 47 minute theoretical course is dedicated to elevate your background on powder techniques, refreshing the old-but-gold and introducing the new so that your benefits are maximized on this journey. The Powderful Eyebrow is a uniquely pixelated soft powder brow technique with one-of-a-kind detailing and extremely customizable outcomes. Color theory, equipment knowledge, design specifics and execution are all thoroughly discussed in this advanced level course.

This is a presentation followed by 3 latex demonstrations showing you 5 variations and 3 real life instances that will take you to a profound understanding of the Powderful Eyebrow technique. With all these skills in your pocket nothing can stand between you and your finest pixelated results.

How can you benefit from an online course?

By participating in courses provided by PMU Worldwide, you can join in on the classes you would otherwise only be able to attend at one of the sites of Essential PMU Academy. Choosing our online courses will bring you the knowledge and experience right into your home, where you can attend according to your own time schedule.


By choosing our online courses:

  • you can participate whenever it is comfortable for you, you will not have to accomodate to any previously set timelines
  • you can pause and rewatch parts to achieve the best understanding, according to your own needs
  • you can gain access to high resolution close ups and slow motion pictures, which would be impossible on group courses


Who is it suitable for?

We recommend these courses to any PMU artist in the world, who cannot participate due to their location. We advise you to attend only if you already gained some experience in creating permanent make up, as these courses will not provide beginner-level and basic skills. If you are a beginner, please choose our beginner level courses (presence is required) or look for one in your area before joining our online courses.



  • main principles of eyebrow form
  • solutions for irregular natural shapes
  • details on how to adjust your shape to any face shape
  • common designing mistakes
  • perfecting symmetry and harmony
  • best colour choices for different skin types
  • anatomy of the pixel effect
  • equipments for the best healed results
  • best needle variations
  • fundamental movements
  • all technical details of execution
    • building up the eyebrow step-by-step
    • 5 shading variations


Instructor and Certification

Dóra Hollós – Master PMU Artist, PMU Educator, Lead Therapist of Essential Beauty Salon

Dóra Hollós is a renowned figure in the PMU industry, famous for her hyperrealistic stroke techniques and one-of-a-kind healed results. With 10+ years of experience in creating, and 6+ years of teaching permanent make up, she knows exactly what you need to advance your skills and broaden your spectrum in the techniques you can confidently use.

Our aim is to provide you with a high-level theoretical background for a professional approach, and to deliver information to the very last, smallest detail in execution, so you can achieve the exact same results you can see in our videos.

Check out our workbooks, which you can find for each and every one of our courses. Follow this course up with our practical course to maximize your understanding. Stay updated, as more and more working videos are being uploaded, so you can achieve an even more profound understanding of the techniques presented.

Certificates are available after completing our courses. With the course a workbook can be provided upon request, as well as a certificate for completing the course.

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