Powderful Eyebrow™ Technique - Practical Course with LIVE MODEL

Practice-focused 20-minute learning program to provide a step-by-step demonstration of how to utilize the popular “Powderful Eyebrow™” soft powder machine technique, in real life, on a live model. The program allows participants to gain extensive knowledge on designing and creating powder ombre eyebrows.



Course Overview

Provide participants with extensive knowledge on designing and using my Powderful Powder technique.
The program consists of 2 main parts: the video starts with a theoretical presentation, followed by detailed demonstration on a live model.



With this powder technique, a soft layer of pigment is added to the skin, that is blended out gradually towards the edges. No sharp edges or harsh lines can be expected – soft shaded brows are so modern that no one will be able to distinguish them from removable powder enhanced ones. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn the Powderful Brow machine technique. The first step is to lay the basic and essential theoretical foundations for making powder eyebrows using a machine, with particular reference to the color theory aspects of powder eyebrows, proper design, and clarification of the correct execution of technical elements. Following this, the specifics of the Powderful Brow technique are highlighted. Following the theoretical foundations, the shading techniques are presented during the demonstration on the live model, with which different effects and intensities can be achieved. Participants can learn about the steps involved in making powder eyebrows, from design to color selection to the final touches, and see how to apply different tinting modes, from soft to more intense results.



Dóra Hollós – Master PMU Artist, PMU Educator, Lead Therapist of Essential Beauty Salon



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Master the Powderful Eyebrow™ technique to elevate your skills and amaze your patients!

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