Nutmeg (401)


Inorganic ash, brown

V 6 T -2

For brows, scalp

10ml (5 x 2ml)


Suggested for: taupe brow colour with brown undertones. Ages beautifully. Can be used alone on cool skin
undertones with the exception of people with ruddy skin undertones; result will be too grey.
Add 207 Masala for people with ruddy skin undertones. Fantastic for people with white/grey hair to obtain cool complementary colour of eyebrows.
Heals to a light to medium Ash Brown on warm Fitzpatrick III-IV.
Neutralize eyebrows that have turned a reddish colour. Looks fantastic on blondes who want a Taupe colour
Mix with: Mixes well with 201 Coffee, 202 Chocolate, 205 Marron Glacé.
To consider: Ideal for hair pigmentation.