Best of Lips selection


Our special package of 7 colours to get you started on your LIPS journey. 2.5ml each colour (17.5ml)

Sweet Cherry (L72) ; Cosmopolitan (L73); Bois de Rose (707); English Rose (02); Watermelon (L71); Powder (307); Himalaya (S31)


Bois de Rose (707)


V5 – T +1

Suggested for: delicate shadings on areaola Fitzpatrick I to III; natural effect on warm skin.

Mix with: 300 series for specific nipple areola shades; Habanero (600) for a red wine lip color; Gooseberry (500) for a mellow pink. To be considered: light and natural, ideal as a base to mix for light dark colours. Great with Habanero (600).

Sweet Cherry (L72)  

Organic Pink/Blue/ Grey

V 5/6 – T +3

Suggested for: The color of ripe cherries. It strengthens the natural lip color intensifying the turgidity of mucosae. Use it pure for intense but wonderfully veiled shades.


Cosmopolitan (L73) V5 – T +2/3


Suggested for: A color that will make naturally lively and sparkling lips dull and pale, giving a soft and gentle effect. Can create beautiful shade variations to create volume.


English Rose (02)

Inorganic blue/grey/pink

V6 – T0

Suggested for: To obtain a natural lip contour, shadings and fillings; areola shadings.

Mix with: A drop of 604 Rose Pepper lights the effect on purple lips.


Himalaya (S31)

Organic/ inorganic and Pink/grey/blue

V 3/4 – T -2

Pink neutral color.

Suitable for: Reconstructive dermopig- mentation as a base or for correction.

Recommended to: Be used as a pin- kish concealer for lip colors. Brightens unsaturing.


Powder (307)

Inorganic yellow

V 2 – T 0

Recommended for: Camouflaging and nipple areola procedures. Can also be used as a mixer to obtain other colours. To consider: The yellow base doesn’t fade in orange tones.

Watermelon (L71)


V 5/6 – T +3/4

Ajánlás: Fresh and sensual color for vibrant lips. A warm coral color suitable to illuminate lips with cold trend. Can be used to warm or mitigate unpleasant greyish tones.