Artyst™ H1 Machine Silver Rose


The artyst™ H1 machine (handpiece) is the most precise, secure and silent permanent makeup machine you will find on the market. You will hardly feel it vibrating while creating your magic!
Recommended for:

  • Fine lines
  • hair strokes
  • Shading & Pixel techniques
  • All skin types

Technical Specifications:

  • Made of premium grade aluminum
  • Weight 80g (3.5 Oz)
  • Color: Silver Rose
  • Made in Germany
  • Compatible with artyst™ power unit


This slim and ergonomic tattoo machine is specifically designed for the permanent makeup artists’ needs. From ultrafine hair strokes to shading & pixel techniques, the H1 is a true allrounder in its game while providing optimized safety to you and your client.

Adjustable needle length (turn)
Optimized skin penetration for minimized trauma, great color retention and short healing period
Stroke length: 2,0 mm
Optimized color flow

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Additional information

Weight 50 kg