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Eyebrow Design 101
all about design
33-minute summarizing course on how to design the perfect eyebrow – NOT ONLY FOR PMU ARTISTS. Fusion between theory and practice, this course lets you in on all the magic steps to achieve harmony with ease on any and all your guests, including MALES. This chapter is suitable for all journeys from PMU to makeup, or even if you just want your morning getting-ready ritual to be a little smoother. Learn how to think in 3D and use the facial structure to your benefits! No brow will be too much of a challenge once you finish this quick tutorial.
Powderful Eyebrow Technique
soft powder machine shading

Theory Course + Practical Course (Includes 2 Separate Videos!)

Featherlight powder, elegant enhancement, game changing density without the robust effect: this is the Powderful Eyebrow technique. This 2-step, 108 minutes in total course will introduce you to the world of the most natural enhancements and refinements, suitable for most guests and needs with lots of real time and slow-motion close ups, tricks and methods with real life utilization and maximized professional gain. Start this Theoretical + Practical course to level up your cloudy texture skills!

Angel Brow Hairstroke Techniques
nano machine hairstrokes

Theory Course + Practical Course (Includes 2 Separate Videos!)

In this 2-step, 92-minute in total course you can learn advanced theoretical and practical material to gain skills in the methods leading to a hyperrealistic, stylish and crisp healed permanent eyebrow with my Angel Brow technique. This cutting-edge technique results in voluminous, fluffy eyebrows suitable for any individual of the world. Come join me and gain insight to specific details on colour theory, shape design, choosing the necessary equipment and the execution of this hairstroke, machine technique.

Dragon Style Practical Course (1 Video)

Practically based course to help you master the most advanced twist so far on the worthily popular Angel Brow technique. The Dragon Style hair pattern of this hyperrealistic hairstroke technique will enable you to achieve the most realistic windblown hair effects with astonishing volume and a delusive level of 3D appearance. Amaze your guests and fellow colleagues with this unique “floating” hair effect right away, start this 5-chapter, 50 minutes in total course with close to 100% REAL-TIME footage and many SLOW MOTION close ups!
Alopecia Practical Course (1 Video) (Newest!)

This is a 55 minutes practical learning program demonstrating how to design the perfect hyperrealistic eyebrow on bare skin, to guests with ALOPECIA. This machine hairstroke technique offers super natural and realistic effect with 3D end result on skin with no eyebrow hair. Learn how to think in 3D and use the facial structure to your benefits!

Genuine Eyebrow Technique
nano machine hairstrokes

Theory Course + Practical Course (Includes 2 Separate Videos!)

2-step learning program to acquire all the skills to perform the world renowned Genuine Eyebrow technique. This hyperrealistic, 3D, machine hairstroke technique offers an elegant effect with a voluminous end result and sleek look. Learning this superior technique using machine allows you to achieve longer lasting results (1-1.5 years), mesmerizing healed works and absolutely no scarring. Start our 2-step, 87 minutes in total course now!


Dóra quickly became a respected  international expert in the permanent makeup community, participating in a dozen of international conferences teaching aspiring artists the best techniques. Since then, she’s helped hundreds of talented individuals launch and advance their careers in PMU. 

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About your instructor – Dóra Hollós

Master PMU Artist, PMU Educator, Lead Therapist of Essential Beauty Salon

My journey in permanent make up begun in the early 2010’s and quickly developed into my true passion. As a cosmetician, I was always magnetized by new methods coming to life in the name of naturality. Among these, permanent pigmentation always stood out for me for its delicate but outstandingly technical ways of creating enormous changes in looks, mainly showing up on the level of impressions. These methods of creating precise and soft differences to achieve perfect harmony always amazed me.

Initially, my drive was fueled by the desire to improve: my demands as an artist were always only partially met by techniques offered at the time. My learning process quickly turned into inspiration seeking. The feeling, that cosmetic pigmentation could be so much more natural and exquisite never left me. Encouraged by the development of always newer techniques, always better at mimicking real life, finding the most realistic technique was soon my vocation. To my biggest pleasure, since 2014, permanent make up is my only job, filling most of my working days. I’m ceaselessly polishing and perfecting my own techniques and expand my knowledge, as improvement is essential in this industry.

I established my first and current salon, Essential Beauty in 2013 which since then welcomes its guests in the heart of Budapest. Here, I refined my hyperrealistic stroke technique, ideal to achieve the most perfect, natural and soft finish, which I use every day. Owing to endless practicing and experimenting, I had the chance to welcome a new challenge in my carreer: I can not only be a practicing permanent make up artist, but I can also educate fellow artists to acquire the skills to perform the 3D “Genuine Eyebrow” technique. As of now, this program is taught internationally, and I am already in the works of preparing new techniques and new visions to present. I am greatly delighted that I can contribute to the expansion of the PMU world, bringing new talents to satisfy the needs of the ever-growing number of ladies interested worldwide.

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